Apex Legends Review PC Game Pros & Cons

Apex Legends is developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is a new level of the game in Battle Royale system with totally different features. The idea behind the game is similar to other similar games. In this Apex Legends Review, we will cover gameplay, pros & cons of the

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How to Impress a Girl on First Date?

No matter how confident guys are they always feel a little bit shy when they are going on their first date. Lots of thoughts are wrestling in their mind. What to wear? What to say? and much more. And if you met her on any dating site then you are

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What to Wear on First Date in 2019?

Dating itself is a very exciting thing for any person and especially the first date is very important and full of excitement. The excitement of going on the first date is very different. Some people get worried on the first date and they think the whole night what to say?

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Far Cry New Dawn Review

Far Cry New Dawn Review PC Game

Far Cry New Dawn is developed and published by UbiSoft. It was released on Feb 12, 2019. It is more than a reskin of the original Far Cry. In this Far Cry New Dawn Review, we will talk a little about gameplay, pros & cons and system requirements to play

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Trials Rising Review

Trials Rising Review PC Game Pros & Cons

Trials Rising is an exciting motorbike racing game. The game is based on the idea to win races by using different amazing stunts. In this Trials Rising review, we will walk through the overview, good and bad areas of the game alongside system requirements. You can also read the Dirt

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