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How to Talk to a Shy Girl You Love?

How to Talk to a Shy Girl

Some boys find it difficult to talk to new girls and it is even more difficult if a girl is shy. The different approach is required for a different kind of girl especially when a girl is shy then it needs more care and extra precaution. You have to slow down your speed and gradually step forward towards her. In this article, I will share step by step process of How to Talk to a Shy Girl.

Talking to a shy girl requires a different approach and a totally different mindset as compared to other girls. These girls are also difficult to handle. Therefore, extra care is required when talking to a shy girl. Such girls can also very loyal and friendly and later on they can be a great partner for you.

How to Talk to a Shy Girl:

Follow these steps when you are on your way to a shy girl:

How to Talk to a Shy Girl

Step 1:

The most important prospect of anyone’s personality is his/her smile. Meet her with a smile or you can attract her with your smile. Your smile must be tempted towards a shy girl and must be an invitation for her. Your smile will make her realize that you have a friendly personality. Doctors highly recommend practising the smile in front of the mirror.

Step 2:

Always prepare for what you will be saying to her. Shy girls are mostly reluctant to start therefore prepare a few questions to show how friendly you are. It will be a confidence booster for you. Prepare questions such that it shows her personality. There is no need to select questions just prepare your topics and say to her.


Step 3:

Meet her with a smile and try to make eye contact. Don’t worry if no eye contact was made from her. It is a clear indication of shyness. Do not lose your heart and keep trying. Do not try extra to make eye contact as you might make her feel bad about you. Avoid getting more closer to her. Keep an appropriate distance before talking to her. It is a quality of a true gentleman.

Step 4:

Now its time to kick start as you have successfully approached her. Ask her opinion about certain topics. Now, keep in mind that the topic must be related to the place you are getting in touch with her. If you are meeting in a shopping mall ask her about what she likes about the shopping mall and the stores on it. Similarly, if you are meeting in a coffee shop ask her about coffee and her taste. By doing this, you are giving her a chance to speak freely and she will feel more confident. Make her laugh and do not speak while she is speaking. Give her respect and she will be yours.


I hope after reading the article you will not be asking this question any more “How to talk to a shy girl”. This article must have enhanced your knowledge and clarifies your thoughts. You can ask or share your experience in the comments below.

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