Sometimes Gucci consumers use formal decision rules

These Gucci wide belts can create the most dramatic, waist-narrowing looks since they brace your body in a corset-like fashion, which can comfortably resist all the bending and sitting you are likely to do over the course of the day, thus investment on such a fashion belt is necessary as well as worthwhile.

Sometimes Gucci consumers use formal decision rules and get involved in examining and comparing specific brand attributes and consequences. This is a deliberate attempt at evaluation of alternatives. Different attributes of Gucci belts, Gucci shoes, and Gucci sneakers are compared on some preferred criteria to eliminate brands that do not measure up.

Consumer dissatisfaction results due to negative disconfirmation because the product performs below expected standards. There seems to be a significant relationship between expectations and satisfaction. The importance of post-purchase evaluation is that it will influence the likelihood of a repeat purchase of the product and services.
Two basic approaches to describe learning include behavioral learning theories and the cognitive learning theory. Classical conditioning assumes that learning process is associative and there is a relationship between a stimulus and response. Instrumental conditioning views the individual as an active participation in the learning process by acting on some aspect of the environment.
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